Knoritech increasingly engaged in manufacture and develop of new products, strengthening relations with customers in order to create comparative advantage and improve competition. 

Polishing Expert

Polishing technology plays a major role in materials processing. Most of industrial fields implement polishing recipes in their manufacturing process. Polishing improves geometry, surface quality, optical and mechanical performances. Knoritech develop and manufacture innovative abrasive products and low cost polishing process, brings an advance knowledge and experience working with the most advance products, systems, minerals and techniques.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design team obtain useful output for production lines, new products and parts. Design which lead to the formation of the entirely new systems or to up-gradation or improvement of the existing. 

Control Systems

Knoritech implement Interactive systems at R&D and production environments, enables to perform computationally intensive tasks, faster with & without traditional programming languages. Development and design of algorithm and applications, massive data gathering and accessing, modified GUI per system/customer.