Polishing Powder

Diamond Powders

Diamond powder strong and hard grinding, lapping and polishing material, the strongest, accurate and durable in wear. Knoritech is selling all type of diamond powders; Synthetic, Natural, Mono/Poly-crystalline, Coated, Shaped… Polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) compose of multiple diamond grains grown closely together, toughness in all directions resulting in approved surface finish, high pressure resistance, better removal rate and longer life time compare to Monocrystalline diamonds (PMD), contain single crystal structure, diamond fracture under mid pressure along the cleavage planes makes grains self-sharpening. 


Applications: Sapphire, gems, ceramics, glass, semiconductors, metals and more…


Silicon Carbide Powders

Silicon carbide is widely used abrasive, hard and sharp material, with high grinding rate and moderate resistance to wear. 

Polishing process derived from the SC grits size, shape, abrasion resistance and bonding (fluid or other). Along with the correct polishing vectors and pressure (load) will enable a high removal rate with optimal friction coefficients.

Applications: Polishing hard to soft metals, polymers, ceramic, glass, epoxy paint and more…A


Aluminum Oxide Powders

Aluminium Oxide (AO) white powder raw material in refractories, ceramics shapes, grinding wheels, sandpaper, blasting media, metal preparation, laminates, coatings, lapping, polishing and grinding applications. Mid grinding rate and moderate resistance to wear. 

Polishing process derived from AO grits size, shape, abrasion resistance, grits shape, concentration, self sharpening powder, and bonding (liquid or other) together with the correct polishing parameters will enable moderate to high removal rate and good friction coefficient. 

Applications: polishing metals, polymers, ceramic materials, dental, glass, epoxy and more…w


Cerium Oxide Powders

Cerium Oxide is round shape mineral with small number of grades. The most efficient polishing mineral for glass and glass products, mainly in use at the final polishing step, improving glass performance; eliminate scratches, increase light transfer and glass transparency.

Applications: Final polishing of glass and glass products, quartz plates final polishing (composite with glass) and other ceramic materials.