Polishing Powder

Diamond Powders

Natural and Synthetic diamonds powders, Mono and Polycrystalline diamond powders. Polycrystalline diamond powder, detonation polycrystalline powder, nickel coated powder, electroplating powder and more. The Diamond powders are very strong and hard grinding material, high quality, accurate and durable in wear.
Main Uses: polishing soft to hard metals, diamond jewelries, gems, ceramics, Sapphire, glass and most optical applications


Silicon Carbide Powders

There are two grades of SC, green with fewer impurities and black color that made using unconverted recycled charge. Silicon carbide or carburendrome is the second most widely use abrasive, hard and sharp material, with high grinding rate and moderate resistance to wear.
Main Uses: Polishing steels, metals, polymers, ceramic materials, glass, epoxy paint and more…


Aluminum Oxide Powders

Tough and blocky shape abrasive grits, self sharpening powder, naturally and synthetic mineral refined in a refractory process, number of grades are available brown and white, which is the most hard wearing, toughest and pure AO powder.
Main Uses: polishing metals, polymers, ceramic materials, dental, glass, epoxy and more…


Cerium Oxide Powders

A rare round shape mineral with number of grades: white, pale yellow-white and brown to red powder, the most efficientpolishing mineral for glass and glass products, mainly in use at the final polishing step improving the glass performance; increasing light transfer and transparency.
Main uses: Final polishing of glass and glass products, marble replacement materials (composite with glass) and other ceramic materials.