Polishing Consumables



polishing-consumables are polishing films backed on a rigid polishing plate, attached by vacuum, water or adhesive (PSA), the most common abrasive-films are diamond, aluminum, silicon-carbide & cerium-oxide, which are mostly use for material removal, geometry shaping and surface quality.



Grinding-consumables are abrasives such as silicon carbide, CBN, aluminum-oxide and diamond, which has high grits size, such as 840micron (Mesh 20), and 420micron (Mesh 40), the grits are coated or bonded to a grinding tool such as metal and ceramic wheels, discs, polymeric rolls, metal bars, and abrasive films. The grinding consumables are good for material removal and has a high removal rate.



Lapping-consumables mostly use a flat lapping systems with single or double plates, with medium to rigid hardness, parallel polishing. The abrasive materials are polishing-pastes, slurries, and polishing powders. lapping process has one to three steps and can take few minutes to few hours and sometimes even more than a day.


Process Development

The idea when developing a polishing process is to choose the most appropriate consumables and implement a polishing process, with one to few steps, which is efficient, stable, and cost effective. All abrasive materials remove material from the polishing specimen, the lower grits are mostly use for mirror end-face polishing, and the higher grits for high material removal. We sell all the materials and products we mention here, part are made by Knoritech Israel and part by our partners around the world.