Business Development

Business Development

“Ask ten VP’s of Business Development what is business development, and you’re like to get just as many answers., such as: Sales, Partnerships, Concisely, other will say Vaguely, the startup folks will say evasively” Scott Pollack Contributor (Frobs)

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships figuring out how the interactions of those forces combine together to create opportunities for growth; Long-Term Value – creating opportunities with added value to persist over the long-term, to keep the floodgates open so that value can flow indefinitely, succeed in consistently growing an organization.

Customers – “Customers are paying the bills”, pay you for your products and services, and without them you will not have any business to develop.

Markets – One way to understand markets is by geography – if I only focus on selling in the U.S. only. But customers also “live” in markets that are defined by their Sector, gender, age, preferences, industry, fields of interests and more.

Relationships – Connections that exist between all entities that engage in commerce. That includes relationships between various Stakeholders in any business network, such as those between employers and employees, employers, and business partners, and all the companies a business associates with.

Innovative and motivating environment creates new and advance business opportunities, drive the growth of customers, and help shape the future of an emerging technology. Support customers make the transformational move to new working process, product, and service by understanding their business issues, and adjust the service ass needed. Support customers with hands-on education, training, and mentorship will enable to grow, learn, and be successful. Follow-up projects, partnership, and customers with prospects services in a timely manner, identify and qualify leads and engage with customers in the early stages.

Liaise with customers ranging from startups to established enterprises, and across all levels and departments to help enable customer success and support adoption of services, procedures, and processes.  Work closely with top level management, investors, board the greater account management teams helping develop and meeting customer needs.

Business consulting for entrepreneurs in the formation of projects and work plans, executed professionally and efficiently using business management tools, workplan, knowledge, and experience. Training in business management, finance issues, marketing and sales, legal, legislative, and commercial aspects. Characterization of business ideas and participation in R&D ventures, transfer from development to production and more …

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